What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

I was thinking that the reviewer is waiting fast for my file to be resubmited, and was feeling kinda guilty ))) so resubmited it fast :slight_smile:

yup it now takes 25 days to get “inspired motivation” approved. double whammy!! :wink:

Guys sorry for offtopic, I’m newbie here and can’t find the right forum thread for my question :
Why 15$ item is selling for 12$ and a 19$ item is selling for 15.20$ ?

Prices in you Statement showed without Envato fee, withdrawed from buyers. Thats why you see 12 instead of 15, etc.

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I though this is envato fee (50 %) :

This is all what you need to know:

Wow, worse and worse from every post The final post will be – ETERNITY! But i submitted my resume for AJ reviewer, please pray for me.


Thank you Osama for help this is what I was searching for.

26 th day - still waiting…

Have been waiting for 12 days…

Guys, please, return to our main topic - no offtopic please. Though i am guilty too :slight_smile:

28.5 days for a music pack and still waiting!!!

25 days for my last two music tracks and 28 for my last music pack

Approved - 26 days for folk/acoustic

26 days for Cinematic)

26 for Pop

28 days for corporate pack, approved! :grinning:

I upload my first track…i keep you posted guys!
Cinematic - Day 1 :slight_smile:

Wish me luck :smile:

@thanhbinhvhks what…? :smiley:

I think, it’s spam :slight_smile:

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