What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

24.5 days in Hip Hop category

Rather strange feeling, since my first batch of tracks was happening since Nov. 2015 through January this year, and it was clock steady rhythm of 10 days for a review to take place, no more, no less. I got used to it so much, I though it was the regulated pace of things, and now coming back with a new batch, reading all those comments… feels like a drastic change indeed - just in few months.

25 and a bit days for Corporate Tech / House / Trance (3 accepted)

Did they ever give the reason as to why it’s taking almost a month? Is this eventually going to become 30 days? 40 days? 50 days? etc. etc.

Take a look at this:

From the link:

Let’s hope!

June is near and it seems this is not possible to shorten review waiting time to 10 days from 25.

Leon - maybe you and I should stop uploading tracks! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, there’s some really poor compositions on this site lurking about. I don’t know any other site that has this wide range of quality from authors. I wish Envato would vet new composers properly like the rest of the RF industry does!

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24 days for tech track. Approved :slight_smile:

24 days for cinematic/action category.

It will be 70-80 days next year :smiley:

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24,5/25 days for oldschool hiphop track!

Hello, everyone, “Special Circumstance” appears on all of my uploaded locations. Who has the experience, as I have to wait?

This means that the reviewer can not solve itself, and they need help the team … I guess so … just wait. Good luck :slight_smile:

I did it already.

25 days for Pop

24.5 days for a groove in Corporate category

24,5 for a new music item.

I see the way to solve the problem with reviewing time as entering a limit for the quantity of uploading items for max. 2 from each author for 24 hours.
It will reduce the load of the reviewers and will make approving/rejecting faster.

I know so many cases when authors upload 50+ tracks a day, then they are banned cause of those tracks were proved as stolen. And they register another acc and start everything from the beginning…