What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

23 days Cinematic, Approved :smile:

Not sure if it still works the same way like a year ago:

Hi guys! 22,5 days for track. ! Romantic, emotional track “Tenderness” approved ! :sparkles: Best wishes, MotionAudio ! :blush:

Maybe an “old member” has a answer… Was the review time in the past higher and fell back? I started with 8-11 days, now 23 days. Please give me hope :confused:

Argh, no hope :scream:

Hi @LeChuckz, if I understand your question correctly, yes, review times were quicker in the past simply because there were less authors and less items. AudioJungle demand, interest, and success has simply grown. Here are a couple of useful links that may help more with what I think you are asking:


Thanks… sorry, my english is not the best :smile:

22,5 days and “Sentimental Piano” approved :slight_smile:

22 days, corporate/motivational

22,5 days…

One month now - ‘Temporarily held for further review’…

Stable 22,5 days

22 days and a sale on approval day

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22 days for my items last week and the same today.

22 days. Folk/acoustic.

22 days. Motivational track.

Twenty two days

31 days and approved

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22 days here.

22 days. Ambient / Chill