What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

Just don’t know when to upload :smiley:

4 days 23 hours

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around 5 days.

5 days and counting

5 days epic symphony track :wink:

Hello good people, hope you’re all doing well. :slight_smile: This is a quick forecast note to advise authors that because of a few reviewer personal situations (someone was called to speak at a conference in Japan, and someone just welcomed a baby into the world!) the queue length will be expected to gradually and temporarily rise to the 7 day mark for the last weeks of september (perhaps 8), if submissions continue to increase.

We should see a peak happen around early October, at which point the wait times should revert and come down again. Ups and downs as usual, c’est la vie as they say! Thanks everyone.


Woww that will be a long queue. At least you explained this to us Adrien, good job! :smiley:

Thanks Adrien. Something tells me after what you’ve said submissions will increase very rapidly XD

Thank you for information, Adrien. I hope we will not see 14-15 days in review. Let’s hope 7-8 days is our PREDICTABLE maximum. :slight_smile: Or pray :slight_smile:

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4.5 days on last submission. Thanks for keeping us updated Adrien!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Adrien!

5 days approved Guitar Logo! :slight_smile:
Thanks for keeping us updated Adrien! :slight_smile:

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5,5 days. And approved!!! Thanks to everyone! You are great :sunny:

Obvious answer is to get more reviewers?

I want to earn money, not wait 7-8 days for songs to be considered.

Come on Envato.

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Less than five days.

5.5 days for my new Epic Trailer (approved).

Thanks for the explanation Adrian :smile:

5.5 days. Approved. My anime pop-corporate :kissing_cat:

5.5 days. Corporate track approved. Thank you! =))))

5 days , Approved ! Good luck for everyone!
Best wishes, MotionAudio ! :smile: