What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

22 Days. Funny

I knew it that the two Packs will be reviewed on Saturday again…wtf


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21 days for Rock

I remember those happy days when approved for 7 days, and thought - why so long ??? It turns out it was not a long time)))

There was a message by Envato this week where they say that they’ll try to reduce Audiojungle queue time between 7 and 10 days around June :slight_smile: An Update from the Market Quality Team (average review times)

From my experience so far the queue reduces itself on its own during summer months. so promising 7-10 days during the summer is actually not that great (nor soon).


21 days and a few hours confirmed… approved, and with a few edits/fixes from the reviewer due to lack of sleep from my end… thanks Stuck_in_the_Basement!


I remember at the 1th January 2015 my track been aproved in five minutes after submission.

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Yeah, it was at 2014’s year-end. I uploaded one of my tracks and it was approved during one day.

Those were the days… :slight_smile:

…but now one of my track is standing the twentieth day in the queue :blush:

No worries, your track is going to sell twenty times more

21 days approved, corporate track… thaw now it sounds kinda old-fashion to me when I listen to it :frowning:

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22 + days for a music pack

Quite the opposite. You have heard it too many times and are now second-guessing yourself!!! :smiley:

Sounds great to me

Thanks for listening and for your support :slight_smile:

21 days atm

21,x days for a lounge track



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