What is Required Quality Standard for the category of Site Templates ?

It is the second time that I send my Site Template and I received this message from the Envato Market:

“## [ThemeForest] Your article, Responsive Bootstrap Site Template …, has been rejected. Unfortunately, we have determined that it does not meet the quality standard required for the next step and you can not resubmit this article.”

I studied this link:

But I think it has very short comments.

So I would be pleased to reach a complete reference or road-map covering all aspects of the Required Quality Standard for the “Site Template” category.

You can find my latest work at:

Because items need to be unique there’s no specifics beyond best practice coding, original work, versatility, premium functionality, error free and semantic code.

I can only see it on a phone but it looks a long way off premium standards.

  • Several links and nav don’t seem to work

  • Seems to be very limited pages

  • No styling

  • Errors in design basics like spacing, typography and hierarchy

  • Appears like basic standard bootstrap elements just piled together

  • Code doesn’t validate

I tried again for more than 3 months and this time created a new HTML template page using finished PSD template pages that were previously approved by themeforest.
I have converted PSD pages to HTML pages. HTML template pages were matched exactly with the corresponding PSD pages but unfortunately rejected again: !!!
“* Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of the” Uniarma Architecture HTML Template "and have unfortunately found that it does not meet the quality standards required for further development and you cannot re-submit this article again. "*

What is the problem?
You can find some of the HTML output pages here:
I would be pleased if you can help us more.

What’s the link to the PSD?

I don’t see one with that name and it really does not look like a design which would be approved any time recently?

It is based on Makalu PSD pages. Makalu contains 28 different categories on more than 450 PSD pages, one of which is architecture on 20 PSD pages.

For more information, see:

We have converted exactly all Architecture PSD pages into html pages. I can show more pages if you want.

Currently more than 6 categories have been converted to HTML, all others will be converted gradually in the near future. I want Architecture HTML pages to be approved by the themeforest as the first category and then I publish other categories.

It won’t work like that- you need to commit to completing the full set. As it is I don’t think the typography works at all and it certainly doesn’t offer anything special.

You also can’t really argue that it’s based on an approved design because it’s only one part.

Realistically you need to develop the PSD in full to have the best chance possible

Thank you for your points.

It’s good news that the current version only has typography issues. Would you please explain more and give us some examples of typography problems to fix them?
And can we develop and publish other categories based on this quality level?

We will certainly publish the full set in the coming months, but I think you agree that this step is necessary to clarify the quality requirements of the themeforest in order to develop the next categories based on them.

Would you please see other HTML pages in the first category and tell us more points?
The live demo URL is:

Absolutely do not agree with this. You need to invest the time and effort to complete the full thing

With respect you have no chance of getting that one version approved on its own.

The typography is an issue but also there is no where near enough attention to detail, premium features, functionality, alternative layouts and more to be approved as a solo design.

I assume you have written permission to adapt an existing item by another author and the ticket IDs to prove this? This is not the only issue but could certainly do resent issues if you don’t follow the process.

Thanks for your advice.

We assumed that we only have to convert PSD pages to HTML pages and match them exactly.
If there was alternative PSD layouts, we have converted all of them.
If there was any required functionality such as hover and carousel in the PSD pages, we developed them.
If there was any reqired features in the PSD pages, we developed them, but what do you mran premium features.

Would you please explain in more detail what you mean by premium features, functionality, and alternative layouts? Or let us know at least some example problems on our HTML-designed pages.

  1. assuming you have all the right permissions to convert it in the first place, and that you submitted evidence of that with your submission

  2. the reason the PSD gets away with ‘less to it’ is because it is offering a multitude of different options and styles. You are talking about taking just one (regardless of your future plans) of those and trying to submit it as a design on its own.

  3. Your link is broken (look at the nav)

  1. Some of the features and layout are nice but they are ruined by that font choice and hierarchy

Thanks a lot.

We consider many rules in our projects:
In each HTML page, we separate each section from other sections in comparison to the associated PSD page (by correct container, size, relative position, background and so on).

Then for each section we recognize its elements and match them exactly with the corresponding element on the related PSD page:

  • Size, relative position, aspect ratio, distance, font, color, border, hover, layout, image, transition, shadow, shadow, type (e.g. text field, menu, selection field, date, carousel) etc.
  • We extract all elements (such as text) from PSD pages without missing any element (such as text, image or any other elements).

Responsive web design is necessary, all PSD pages are compatible with Bootstrap 12 Grid System Design (1170px). HTML compatibility with most browsers is checked(such as Chrome, Firefox etc.) and in different zooms (such as 75%, 100%, 150%).

But now you believe that there is many remained errors.
Would you please guide more and show us remaining bugs and problems in the following URL as an example:?