what is Release Forms


Please help me what is it? I need to add it or not? I download a vector in freepik.com and use after effects. thank you.

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Double check the full Freepik license, but I’m pretty sure you can’t use their stuff in stock content…

The User may use the content in the Freepik Content provided that it:

  1. Does not involve collective use;
  2. The content in the Freepik Content is not used in a manner that suggests an association or endorsement by the Company or the Website;
  3. The content in the Freepik Content or any derivative work is not used or included (in whole or in part) in a database, archive or in any other media/stock product, collection, set of clips, or library, for distribution or resale or used in any other way that could prevent or limit future visits or downloads from the Website;

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Hey @SpaceStockFootage

if I need to use images in freepik, do I need to add in “release form”?

No. These images already have a “release form”. If you want to use a photo you took yourself and this photo is of a person, then you need to get permission from him to use his photo. This is called “release form”

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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