What is problem with my logo(hard reject)?

what about now ?

maybe because i do not put Background alone layer

i make eps 10 version but i do not know it should be also for Ai file or not

please help

hi well adding a ai version is better , even if it were not necessary … as or your logo this is not bad but u need to add more effects and more work as far as typo goes , according to me

Spark should be alone or join with blub?

Try a sans-serif font, keep the distance between lightbulb and its border (look at base of the lightbulb. That line is closer to it), find another symbol to add inside it, a lightbulb metalic part where is the spiral isn’t conic. Conic side is on its bottom where is the other electric contact. also, thise 3 disks should have the same radius. The one on the bottom is right, but the other 2 are wrong. Check the box in Vectorial Shape Tool to keep the shape radius when it’s resized). Try other color too (like sunflower) and finally more distance between logo and text.

The other reason of the rejection could be the frequency of lightbulbs logos. Nowadays I see that geometrical logos are the newest trend. (something like old apple icon in 2010 when iPhone 3 was cool).

hi as for me i do not think this really matters much in this case …

Too generic there’s tons of lightbulb symbols. There’s also an unconventional sharpness around the inflection of the curves of the bulb which don’t match the circular path of the rays emitted.

if i somehow someway agree with u lets also keep in mind that , if we follow this kind of logics, a lot of logos should not have been approved then because they are not 100% realistic … there is also a matter of knowing what we can do with creation and originality …

The problem obviously isn’t realism or no logo would ever be approved and only photodune would exist, to me a problem is that the sharpness of the inflection isn’t as pleasing as a conventional curve and there’s no reason for it to be there since the rays are designed have a circular path around the bulb, it doesn’t contribute to the image the designer wants for depicting a lightbulb, they was just playing around trying to make something original.

as for me there is nothing this visually shocking about rays and for me what u are trying to explain is a realism thing and i guess we are not always forced to stick to realistic things otherwise when creativity can be expressed ? i would rather insist personally on the fact that the external shape is not flawless rather than concentrating on the rays , i guess this is a matter of point of view …

You’re always trolling everyone so I’m going to ignore you after this post, I never said the issue was realism, not anywhere, it’s not a realism issue it’s a continuity issue, it’s neither complimentary nor consistent, it’s just random, and that’s why it detracts from the logo. It’s also cliche on top of everything.

well if so i could personally say the same thing as regard to u … u ar expressing your opinion and i am expressing mine, whether u like it or not we both have the right to disagree, until now we were still debating now we are not so keep thinking that u are 100 % right this is not a problem this is your right