What is Polygon Limitation?in Unity3D?

If i Have a Simple Room With 4 Chairs(Chairs are the same and just a copy from the first chair) = 1000 polygon in 3DsMax Scene - Is this Polygon Count?
If i Bring this Simple Room with 1 Chair = 400 polygon,to Unity3D Engine Scene And Create that Room With 4 Chairs(Chairs are the same and just a copy from the first chair)=1000 Polygon - Is this Polygon Count?

If i Have a Chair=200 Polygon And copy that Chair 100 time in Unity3D,How Many Polygon that i Have in the Scene? 200 or 20000 Polygon?

I Want to Know What is Polygon Limitation?
How much Unity3D Engine Polygon Limitation?

Thanks for your Answers.

Hey kaghazak !

While there are no defined limits to scene polygon counts, the actual polycount level depends on the platform you’re pushing the content for. Example PCs can handle hundreds of thousands of (untesselated) polygons, but mobile platforms (in the current generation) on average support a few tens of thousands of polygons.

With that in mind you should not really be worried about how many TOTAL polygons there are, but instead be more worried how many polygons are visible in your camera frame at any time. This is because your camera will let the GPU process only what is not culled. There is backface culling, frustum culling, etc. And it will prevent you from processing unnecessary model/lighting/shader/animation information.

So it’s actually a matter of trial and error until you reach the perfect compromise.

Less polygons with better looking model is always better :slight_smile:

Good text form unity how to optimize graphic performance:
"Keep vertex count below 200K…3M per frame when targetting PCs, depending on the target GPU"

Here are some good forum posts that can give you some info about this:

"How many polygons you should use depends on the quality you are going after. Anything between 500-6000 triangles is reasonable. If you want lots of characters on screen, you will have to sacrifice in polycount per character, if you want it to run on old machines, you will have to use less polygons per character. As an example: Half Life 2 characters used 2500-5000 triangles per character. Next-gen AAA games running on PS3 or Xbox 360 usually have characters with 5000-7000 triangles.

Most modern computers can handle about 150000 verts give or take a couple thousand. Unless you have a really complex game, verts really won’t be a problem."

Hope this helps

Hi, do you have a chart or somehting like that can tell me how much poligons for low and high poly per target gpu?
im searching for that but i always found “for target gpu”…

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