What is needed for woocommerce theme

i am new in wordpress theme development.I have some questions that make it difficult for me to understand the replies from wordpress sites.

  • If I write a theme for woocommerce is it obligatory to put wp_head () in the header file? Can I write my styles and js for my pages alone and do not include wp_head?

  • I see that the checkout and cart pages call out the page.php file by submitting, for example, [woocommerce_checkout] to do_shortcode. Is it used for these two pages?

  • If I want a theme that I do to be in multiple languages ​​with pot files should it be?

  • If the theme I’m doing is just one language with <? Php echo __ ('Page', 'themename'); ?> Do I put the words I use?

  • I saw there are templates for writing a code from the themeforest to accept the topic. Is there a standard for structuring the files in the thread, or can I do it as convenient as long as it is legible?

I want more technical code information in my questions :slight_smile: in this WordPress Submission Requirements - Q&A is only theory

There was a link at the end of the document. I think you have missed it

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