What is necessary to become a template developer?

Hi everyone,
I have been working on HTML and CSS for a while and I have good command over designing websites. I recently came across envato themeforest market, and I am interested in making website designs and selling them on envato. However, there are some things about envato that I am not sure about:

  1. When I am selling a website design template, who is the potential buyer? Is it a web developer who knows everything about how to use a template, or is it a layman who is buying a design to make a site by himself?
  2. When I make a design, where do you recommend that I host the website design for preview?
  3. When I submit a design and someone buys it, he gets the code behind it, right? But the code can be easily copied from the preview, and can be duplicated without buying. Then what is the purpose of selling the design?

Thankyou for taking time to answer my queries.

  1. It could be anyone from a pro designer or developer to a complete novice. You ned to make any template as adaptable and easy to edit as you can

  2. You have to have a working demo - envato do not host these

  3. This is a challenge on any stock marketplace. You can’t intentionally block access or obfuscate any part of the code, and in truth there is very little and authors or envato can do to prevent this happening.

The majority of buyers are genuine and will pay for the product properly, either because they do not have the skills to properly rip it from the preview, or else because of the added bonuses of support, updates etc. that licensed purchase get.

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