What is important when releasing a template/product on Envato?


We created a booking system that is very smooth & modern while also integrating a lot of functions into the website.

Originally we wanted to sell this under our own brand to hairdressers etc., but due to COVID-19 and having to manage resources better, we now instead want to sell it on Envato as a template system so to speak.

What is most important when releasing it? Does the booking system itself have to be written in a specific language? Should we even include the code for the system or just sell everything as a “template”?

What do you think is very important to put focus on? What does Envato care about the most other than it being a good product?

I would reach out straight to Envato but it seems like not such a simple task to do.

It should be said our system is fully functional and we are currently adding a lot of guides/documentation so everybody could use it.

Thanks and have a great day everyone!

First you must decide if you want to sell it as just a standalone script/plugin or the complete template. You should spend some time with familiarising yourself with ThemeForest and CodeCanyon markets, because you need to decide yourself what kind of item you want to create.

If you want to go plugin/script route then take a look at CodeCanyon to see available categories, if it will fit any of them.

Here are some useful resources for CodeCanyon authors:

If you decide to go with a site template/theme, take a look at ThemeForest categories, which one will be most suitable for your product.

Here are some useful resources for ThemeForest authors:

You can reach Envato via Help Center, but you can’t expect them to be able to help you on this. You need to do your research yourself. All the information you need is freely available.

If you have a demo URL for your product then feel free to share it and community members may give you some feedback.

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Hey LSVRthemes,

Thanks for such a quick and useful response - I really appreciate it!

You can try the system here actually: booking.zilu.dk

It is currently in danish but it should still be doable to try out.

Yeah I need to figure out, in which of the 2 categories we belong.

I will read through the resources you provided and try to get more clear about it.

Thank you!

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Looks pretty cool. This seems like a CodeCanyon item to me, but I can’t tell you which category exactly this will fit. It depends on the coding language(s) you’ve used.
Hopefully some CodeCanyon author will chime in with better feedback.

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Glad you like it!

Yeah I hope so too.

Seems like you guys help each other out a lot in these forums, I was quite surprised!
Its really cool.