What is happening with review times?

Hi all,

Do you know what is happening with the review times? Do u notice they have got longer?

It is hard to grow your portfolio here with only 5 tracks in the queue being there for 18-20 days.


This Is Audio Jungle Item Probable Review Time:

Keep patience hope your item review will coming soon


The reason is obvious, the increase in the number of uploaded tracks.

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Hi @MarscottMusic

Avg review Time is 20. Actually the average wait time is based on the volume of uploaded Items for review. I believe you also know it. So, to get a review result have to wait around the average wait time period.


So what? You are now free to create something new so do not waste time waiting. Keep it running mate. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where the 18 days will seem immediate.

Of-course, review is out of your control. Try to optimise based on the cards you’re dealt. Harsh but true. Work with the system.

Learn discipline and getting things done no matter how much it smells :+1:t5:

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this is due to the influx of a large number of new content. So that new tracks have time to sell. This is my personal observation.