What is going on!

Is this really so bad that it should be rejected ?!


It doesn’t have to be ‘bad’ to be rejected, it’s just that it has to be a premium item, of a high standard, which is reasonably unique and commercially viable. Many average, reasonable and even good items can be rejected… so you want to be aiming for very good or exceptional.

The issue I have with it is that it’s not really a logo animation. Sure, it is in a way, but if you remove the coloured orb, what are you left with? Just a static logo going from 0 to 100% opacity, with a small change in position at the end. In my personal opinion, I feel that’s not quite enough to get approved… I think there has to be some kind of impressive animation to the logo itself, rather than just adding a nice design element over the top. Others may feel differently, but that’s the way I see it.

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Looks good to me

actually it’s not just opacity, watch it carefully first the part of the logo that can be seen are where the effects of the sphere goes over. At the end it starts fading in. Anyway animations like this can be found a lot, where the only interesting things are the animations around the logo not the logo, at the end Im trying to sell everything you see there not just parts of it!

I like the idea, one of the reasons for rejection could be that overall it is looks empty. So I think you should try to add more details to logo reveal, maybe some glitter and light streaks to logo reveal and see some solutions for title reveal.

One of the way to see things that missing think about it like a story. Like for example if you were making 7 seconds video of God’s birth. I am sure you will figure what you should add to it.

I dont know man I tried to make it clean that’s the reason why I did not add anything else. I talked to some artist that are my friends they really liked this work no one could believe that it actually was hard rejected. If it doesnt have enough details than why this robot message why not giving me reasons what I should actually do. We are artists we deserve some respect for what we do, it took me a shit amount of time to get this done as clean as possible so Im sure that I deserve a good answer why at least!

I know, still by rules no explanations for hard reject are given, ever. So cheer up, it is looking good, just need few touches, don’t let such things discourage you!

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you’re right. Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

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