What is going on with Envato Elements image quality?

Not sure why Envato Elements has changed its quality of images? Can someone please clarify why over the past few months the images we are seeing are definitely what we saw and used when we signed up for a years subscription. The quality seems to be fading fast, we find ourselves going elsewhere to find images that are usable. Can someone please shine a light on this for me?

Hi @EasyVegan!

By fading quality, do you mean that it’s harder to find suitable images via Elements search? Which types of images do you generally search for?

We’ve had a fairly rapid expansion in the total size of the Elements photo library, adding to the images that were previously available. That’s increased the range of content overall, but large batches of new images can make existing niches feel oversaturated. The older content is still there, but it can be harder to find.

Improving our search and discovery tools is a big focus for the Elements team over the next year, in order to help address this problem. I’d love to know a little more about how you use the site, so I can pass that feedback on to the teams working on this.