What is going on in here???


This forum is a complete thoughtlessness … I wrote post, it doesn’t show … this probably probably also will not show … You create this forum to hide something?

How long will You review my photos on photodune … I wait 8 days and Your site have very small traffic - did You give up and photodune will be offline soon?

What means this “choose category” ? Who choose this categories ??


hi a lot of things changed , some are good, some are not and u have to get used to all these changes …


Ok … this kind of changes always need two days :smiley: Right now I think that forum is much better …

But photos on photodune still not accepted - 11 days


Hi Michael,

To answer your questions, the forums will continue to improve and adjust as we move ahead (we are aware it’s not perfect at the moment).

As for the review times, unfortunately summer vacations translate to some reviewers also being on vacation. To add to the situation many photographers are getting back from their vacations and starting to upload more.

We should be back to full reviewing capacity in under 2 weeks (we avoid having many reviewers off at the same time but this means we need to reduce our reviewing capacity for a couple of weeks. The current waiting time is of around 10-12 days.

Thanks for your patience!

Gaby Jalbert
Quality Team Leader | Photodune