What is going on here? Title already used...

I am getting lost here… I used to buy photos here, but somebody in Envato ruined the Photodune. Then I found this forum, which looks completely messy. Now I am looking for ‘Add credit’ and it is cancelled, but keeping the fee for PP transaction is still there. I am wondering what will be next. Soon or later will appear really good competitor who will take your buyers from you. And it is VERY simple, example: No Photodune for me? OK, I am happy with Adobe Stock. I don’t wont be offensive, but I just don’t understand to some company’s decision.

We don’t understand it either, they are very good at doing things that might be harmful for them and others. There’s a very long thread on removing credits, I don’t understand why they want to charge 2$ extra.

It’s simple. Consider that they’re selling one million items per year then you will get your answer

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You might be right.