What is "AU Royalty Withholding Tax" ?

As the title says. There is a 10% applied to sales from Australian customers, but I checked through my sales and it looks like it just started on september as I have sales to AU customers on august without this TAX.

Can I get some information on this, please?

Thank You

Jan (survivor)

Another way to lower down our final payout :slight_smile:

Another reason to raise the prices.

They notified authors last month regarding that AU tax by email, but you can read here as well Withholding Taxes with Envato Elements and Envato Market. AU royalty withholding tax applying began on September 1. When you sell to an Australian buyer, the AU royalty withholding tax applies.


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Ok, thank you for that. So do we have a tool to raise prices for AU customers then?

Unfortunately, there is no tool to change price depending on customer country.