What is a good calendar plugin for WordPress?

I asked this question about a week ago on WordPress’s Support forum, but I am going to assume that it was overlooked by people who REALLY needed help :slight_smile:

I have looked at: WordPress Event Calendar, Event Calendar WD, Event Calendar WD, and The Events Calendar and they are sort of lacked what I was looking for or didn’t like it. Granted it has been some time since I toyed with those plugins, but gathering feedback from the WordPress
family regarding what plugin they use and recommend doesn’t hurt. I will probably also check out those plugins again that I mentioned since it has been some time.

Some features I am looking for:
- calendar entries to appear as a ‘button’ instead of just text. Similar to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar when an event is scheduled for ALL DAY.

- reoccurring events

- categorizing events (color coding) ; allow users the option see all or specific categories (all) by default and changing them as desired.

- users having the ability to search for events by name, category type, etc

- widget support for the homepage to show the upcoming events,

- support for hyperlinking, media/document attachments, description formatting would be nice (html)

- easy of use. Our secretary will be the person managing the calendar, but I will probably make small tweaks here and there such as some of the above features mentioned above. Our secretary is currently using Google Calendar, but it’s not the most appealing on a website or offers a wide variety of functionality.