What is a forum? How Envato Forums try to help you

What is a forum? More specifically, how does Envato Forums try to help people?

Everyone has times when they struggle to find answers, or lack motivation to achieve their goals in life. Forums such as the Envato Forums, show that buyers and authors may face and experience challenges which can be difficult to overcome. But remember that the forum members (including moderators and staff members) are here to help you as best as they can.

With that in mind, if you ask questions, then please call back often to see if someone has answered your question. If you have got an answer, then acknowledge the forum member and say thanks to them. If your question has been answered, and it is the solution to your query, then let us know. By participating in positive ways, this builds confidence in the forum and helps others who may have similar questions.

If you are a struggling author on the marketplace, never give up! There are many would-be authors trying to build something great, so take pride in what you do. If your item does not meet the marketplace expectations, then don’t get cross because it might be rejected. Listen to advice from other forum members and people who look at websites every day and see how it can be improved.

If you are a buyer, and have had an issue with a theme or template, then yes ask for help here. But if you don’t get answers that solve your issues, then always go back to the seller and ask them for help.

A forum is an online discussion board where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest. It is not a 24/7 support desk manned by people who know every last possible detail about the script, theme, template or issue you may be having. So if the reply that you get doesn’t quite answer the question, then be patient, and someone will get to post an answer that does help you.

If you’re just here to be annoying, then the chances are that no-one will want to help you. So be kind.