what is 33$/month plan limitations ?

Can I use 33$/month unlimited download plan for downloading 59$ https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609 ?
is there any limitation on downloaded ones?

Here is a list what is all included in Elements:

That theme is not included - you need to buy it on ThemeForest, on regular way for $59

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Envato Themeforest item has no special/particular prices.
If you purchase any item from themeforest then you will get life access/download on that theme only.

Glad you asked. Yes, there is a limitation. Basically if you ever needed support, that is not included. You have to help yourself when you run into issues.

In the end, everything has a cost. There is no free lunch today, Iā€™m afraid :grin::+1:t5: