What improvements would you recommend for this template?


I just had this template rejected. What improvements would you say you’d make to my design? Looking back, I think the typography could be improved (I developed the site using Avenir Next — it looked much better — but needed to switch to a free alternative for releasing the template).

I also extensively used PHP includes to help minimise the work I needed to do in developing the site. Could it have been rejected for that reason do you think?

But anyway, I am open to any critique, big or small, to help me develop future templates.

You can access the theme here: http://jackg.co.uk/themes/polar/index.php

Many thanks for your time!

Your design is extremely simple. Minimalism in web design is ok, but this is just too minimalistic. There is not really much to criticise because there is not really much there. You will need to put much, much more effort into it if you want to be approved here.

Another thing: your code is not valid (use https://validator.w3.org) and it is not responsive!!! It’s like a car manufacturer would try to release a mass produced car without airbags and power steering. No problem thirty years ago, but it is 2016 already.

Also, I guess it was submitted under HTML template category, right? If so, you need to provide static HTML files. PHP files are ok, but only as a bonus to those static HTML files for more advanced users. But honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it right now, because it will take months of hard work till you will be able to create something worth design wise and code wise. Don’t waste your time trying to submit anything here sooner, you will get the same result - hard rejection. Check out tutorials on http://tutsplus.com or similar sites, you have much to learn so good luck.

I’ve tried to access your demo url but it seems to be broken.

Have you disabled that url?

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