What if you have staging and dev environments on another server

What if you have staging and dev environments on another server?

I have purchased 5x licences of the7 theme by dream-themes for 5 seperate sites

I use WPEngine - the best of breed Wordpress hosting in the world. I pay a premium to do so. Staging and dev are on subdomain.wpengine.com - not subdomain.mydomain.com

Does Envato expect me to pay for 2 additional licences per site?

Does Envato expect me to change my web host?

Is the “Theme was remotely deregistered” an Envato policy for all theme developers?


When it comes to subdomains, the context in which how these subdomains are being used needs to be considered to determine whether a single license applies. If all the subdomains are designed to organize your content within one main site will consider that use as a single end product (thus requiring a single license).

In cases where each subdomain has no relation to each other or the main site and are about different things, then will consider these subdomains different end products regardless of the implementation (single installation). In this case you would need a separate license for each subdomain.

for more clearification please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


metacoach – I am in the same situation with using WPENGINE as my host and having the 3 environments for one complete website. Was Envato able to solve this for you? I have a ticket into their support but have not heard back yet, and was wondering if you could elaborate on how/if they were able to solve this licensing question/problem for you. Thanks.

No unfortunately not. As in the reply above I would have to purchase 3x licences. It is ridiculous but Envato doesn’t seem to care about its user’s requirements. I’ve reached out to the theme developer and they are working on a theme options solution.

Have you heard back from the theme developer ? I have a simpler situation. My main site is www.dom.com whereas my test site is called test.dom.com. Since I bought the Elementor Pro and they provide the same license for test/dev/and a few other subdomains, it is very useful for me to try out new stuff on the test.dom.com before moving it to www.dom.com

Sadly, the theme seems to be the limitation