What if we dont use product!!!

Well, I am here to ask what if we buy a product and never use the product because it’s complicated or useless for our site. Will we able to get a refund. I know we are not eligible but as I said that we never use the product then !!!

Most of the time we in a hurry and see the product and we buy after that, we see it’s complicated and we search better than that and we found and use another product.



Open a ticket and Envato Team will be glad to help you.

Heya @Xaibi

Digital products don’t work the same as physical products, and on Envato, there is no concept of trials. Considering once you’ve downloaded a product, there is no guarantee you’ll delete it if a refund is provided, this is not a reason for providing a refund unless the item is broken.

To get into more detail, once you purchase a product you can only request a refund if the item you purchased meets the following criteria

  • Item is “not as described” or the item doesn’t work the way it should
  • Item has a security vulnerability
  • Item support is promised but not provided
  • Item support extension not used
  • Items that have not been downloaded

These are all cases where you are eligible and will receive a refund, and if the author fails to provide a refund, Envato will step in on your behalf and grant you a refund.

However, the reasons you’ve mentioned fall under the non-eligible for a refund. And these are as follows.

  • You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it
  • The item did not meet your expectations or you feel the item is of low quality
  • You simply change your mind
  • You bought an item by mistake
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item
  • You claim that you are entitled to a refund but do not provide sufficient information as to why you are entitled to a refund
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed or the author who previously provided the item is no longer active on our platform (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).

To make sure an item fits your needs and avoid complications with refunds, here are some great tips to follow to be sure everything you mention can happen is thought ahead of time

  1. Use the item comment section, get as much information about the item as you require.
  2. Get in touch with the author using their profile, request a demo admin view, or screenshots of the admin panel. Ask all the questions that you feel are important for you to make a purchase decision.
  3. I see you mentioned you’re in a hurry. Try to give yourself some time to research products based on your needs. Think of this as purchasing a car. You don’t storm in the dealership and just pay 500k for a sports car and then you blame the dealership because it doesn’t go off-road. Research first.

Last but not least, authors here are serious about their purchases and refund policy, so they will do their best to help you with everything you wish to know prior to purchasing an item, but, they will also follow the refund policy to the letter as it protects authors and buyers alike.

The best suggestion I have for you is don’t rush. Ask all the questions you have prior to purchasing, then, you know you got the right item for your needs!

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

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I understand and agree with you, even some authors are very helpful they tried every thing to satisfy me. And I know I am not eligible for refund. But as you said that If we buy a sports car in 500k and after we blame dealership. At-least we have option to sell our car in 450k and get some amount back. LOL…

Its just a questions, because i buy some products and i use it but only 1 product which I buy and never use it, even not installed. That’s why I am looking for favor of refund nothing else. I am not blaming to envato or author.

I am just thinking again and again that why i waste my money on that product which i am not using or not to use in future.

Well, this is where the previous terms come into play mate.

  • If you have downloaded the item - no longer eligible for a refund
  • If you haven’t downloaded the item - eligible for a refund, but risk the item being deleted.

Create a collection, save them there, and purchase them as you need them. This would be the best solution for your case.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Ok thank you for time and your replies. Next time i will take time to buy something.

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Glad to have helped mate! Cheers! :slight_smile: