What if the desired item name is taken? 2 items with the same name?

I’ve been working for months on specific wordpress plugin and It’s almost ready… In the meantime, on codecanyon popped out a PHP script named exactly as my plugin in progress.

The question is: Can there be two items with the same name, but in different categories?
example: Analytics PRO - php script and Analytics PRO for WordPress when they have nothing in common except for the name.

I know the cases on themeforest when users sell the same design, but different categories: PSD, HTML, WordPress… But what about CodeCanyon? And what is the case when its different items?

Any thoughts? :confused:

You’ll just have to submit and see what the reviewer says.

I see many items have same name :smiley:

I would suggest to keep a unique and iconic name for your product rather than what is already taken on the market.

Find something unique. You’ll just confuse customers and subject yourself and the other author to refund requests :joy: :joy:

Another theme had a similar name to one of mine recently and I had a customer asking support from me when they had purchased the other theme. At first I thought she had downloaded a pirate copy of my theme as the email was saying she hadn’t purchased my theme, was very confusing :confused: