What if someone is using my personal tags ?

Hi Everybody!

Just noticed that one VH author started to use my personal tags in his own videos. That author has more than 1500 videos in portfolio, so I think its kind of software for changing tags. Is it possible to use the software like this ?

what exactly are personal tags?

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Even if you are using tags like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, there are no personal tags.

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About the software it could be possible, but I dont know if there is any software like this.

love your sense of humor :joy:
but by personal tags I meaned my real 2nd name.


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:joy::joy: great!
Yes if you mean your real name, this is a real issue but maybe it is not against the rules! I would bet that you have an interesting portfolio!

I realy think that user has a software to change Tags automaticaly by parsing them from similar category Items, because he has more than 7000 Items and making kind of SEO to put them on Top.

Anybody from Envato stuff can comment this ?