What if I wanna release music I've sold on AudioJungle?

Hi guys!

I’m new to AudioJungle and from what I’ve figured out so far you upload your music and people can buy the rights to use it. What I can’t figure out though is,
if someone buy the rights to use it, are they able to use it for as many time’s and they would like?
How is copying prevented?
If my music is featured in major productions, does that affect my income in some way?
If music I wrote becomes a hit (through a youtube video or something) will that in someway affect my income?
If I wanna release some of my music after I’ve sold the rights to use it, is that possible?
If someone else wanna release my music on Spotify or Itunes etc, are they aloud to do that?

I’m greatful for any info I can get regarding this :slight_smile:


You may want to have a look at the “being an author” section of the FAQ, as most of your questions are answered there.

No, only once in most cases, with variations allowed. However a single license can be used for up to 52 episodes and or a year, if the “series” conditions are met.

Nothing is done at Envato’s level. You are left alone to protect yourself. You can join a third-party, such as AdRev to register your music with ContentID and thus keep track of how your music is used on Youtube.

No. Unless your music is registered with a PRO, in which case, you’ll collect royalties on that.

Same as above.

It is possible indeed. You retain all rights to your music. You just need to make sure your previous customers won’t be affected by this (especially concerning ContentID)

Of course not. This is your music, not theirs.

Hope it helps!

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Although on the “If my music is featured in major productions, does that affect my income in some way?” question… there are different levels of license which the buyer can choose from when purchasing, with different prices. Standard covers online usage, Youtube and the like… up to Music Broadcast and Film, where the price is around 16 times higher. But as PurpleFog stated, there’s no recurring royalties on that, unless you’re registered as a PRO.

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer :grinning:
Do you have any experience with AdRev? If so, would you recommend it?

I see. I’m a bit confused by all the info in here so I really appreciate you guys taking the time to sort this out for me :pray:t3:

I forgot to take into account you might not be familiar with the different types of licenses, but yes, there are 5 licenses depending on the use and scope of the project.

As for AdRev, I do have some experience with them. I signed up a bit over 2 years ago.

First you have to know that if you use Youtube as a promotional tool for your AJ tracks, they will be pirated. You can have tracks that have sold only a couple times that end up in thousands of Youtube videos. Even more so if you mention your music is royalty-free. To Youtubers “royalty-free” means “free”. There is unfortunately very little you can do about it.

There is one thing you can do though and it’s registering with ContentID. It’s the only protection tool that’s available to us authors. Basically when ContentID matches a video soundtrack to a registered track, it will generate a copyright claim and ads will play on the video. A cut of the revenue generated will be forwarded to you.

Using ContentID will allow you to earn on the illegal uses, but it’ll also have repercussion on your customers. As they too will receive the copyright claim. This used to be an issue as some buyers thought they were getting conned, thought their channels were being threatened with strikes, others were exposed to their own clients as over charging them for music,… This issue is not as problematic nowadays, as Envato has provided more information on what ContentID is and how to resolve claims quickly.

Now it’s all good on paper, and I couldn’t imagine having my music out there without the protection ContentID and AdRev provide. However, there has been some change in the way AdRev has to handle royalty-free music that has been imposed by Youtube, about a year ago. Although AdRev has been unable or unwilling to provide a clear explanation of what that specific process now is. This results on a drastic decrease of detections and thus revenue. So clearly a lot of videos slip through. So sad that a tool that was working so good, doesn’t deliver as it used to.

So that’s my take on it.

There are also conflicting information coming from the AJ forums, about AdRev not accepting new royalty-free authors. Don’t know if this is confirmed.

Awesome, thank you!
That’s very good to know. I will definetly look into Content ID and AdRev :+1:t3:

Another thing though. From what I gathered so far, it’s possible to use this plattform to promote your own artistic career aswell, or? What I mean is, if I release my music on Spotify and Itunes and then put it on AudioJungle, my music might be featured on ex Youtube aswell, which in someways might boost my ratings on Spotify. Or the other way around, AJ first and then Spotify/Itunes. Is this something that I could do? And if so, has anyone tried it? And what’s you´re experience?