What i should be do with this problem (Reject!!)

i wanna asking about my project
i receive Reject but i don’t know what i should be do it , because I feel really frustrated about working on the templates :confused:

Video Preview :

what i should do to do ?
i was working on it in After Effect CC14 So if i do it in AE CS6 that’s good ?

But it will look exactly the same if you create it in CS6 rather than CC14, so you’re not solving the issue at hand. Make it considerably better, or give up and create something else.

But for the quality i see today some projects accepted bad than what i create ? :confused:

You may feel they are bad, but if they have been accepted, then the reviewers think that they are good. Or they are older projects that were subject to less stringent approval criteria. Maybe you were just unlucky, maybe your definition of what is good and what is bad is not inline with Envato’s. Either way… unless you make considerable changes to your item, it won’t get approved. But feel free to post your preview image here for opinions.

thank you so much , can you please watch the preview and tell me what do you think