What i see in Envato

Hello everyone this is going to be my first thread opened on this site, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Did you ever browse envato for 6 hours before?

yes… sorry that i have no life but this is what makes me happy in life! Finding awesome tracks, bundles and even video templates BUT I sadly can’t buy it today! because I just spent 2 hours buying some stuff and now i am broke!
[I have a feeling that gaben is behind this!]

Did you ever buy something and treasured it?

Yes i do, for example Wolfsound… his tracks are amazing BUT! (hehehe you will be surprised) I can never use it on videos because I SUCK AT VIDEO EDITING! I planned to take on a coarse to learn on how to use Hitfilm and adobe after effect sadly… I used my money again on getting another thing from codecanyon thumbs up to @ValvePress for his awesome support. So yea… i treasure my stuff really well and even try my best to refine everything yet I suck… again this is not a problem from Envato but from me (love you envato for becoming gaben who only displays awesome stuff)

Did you ever encounter anything hard with Envato Products?

Where to start… first thing was the mustkillah awesome Video template (Destroyerz // Sport Promo), I finished everything and it was perfect, even the music sync to it BUT got a BSOD (blue screen of death) which made me quit the whole project and cry alone in a corner. So far nothing was hard with Envato because i just (again) Suck with video editing and following tutorial but thankfully everything else i bought such as WP plugins and themes worked well so far.

Rankings for your favorite Authors

  1. @AmazAudio [At Envato your music is #1 in my eyes :heart:)
  2. @skywarriorthemes [Support might have been slow but! everything was solved professionally]
  3. @Gramziu [Theme wise: perfect, Support: perfect, How good: 10/10]
  4. @ValvePress [Best Support, Fast Response (Sonic level), didn’t see ANY problems within the plugins!]
  5. @mustkillah [You got some awesome videos, I purchase and i leave a like!]
  6. @AA-Team [Your SEO plugin is like a hidden dragon wearing a sheep costume! I love it]

Final words about gabe… Envato
Give us discounts every few weeks (If everyday i will go broke again)


Ahh thanx brother and sorry if you can’t use my music. If you need any help just drop a message and I’ll do my best to cut music on your videos :wink:

We love hearing from customers! :smiley: So glad to hear how you’re using the site.

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Working on something huge at the moment, once i complete it you will be first to see it :smile:

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Thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:

Always good to see a satisfied customer!

Fully agree with the opinion Flowsopher!