What I have to do if I purchased one code and I found that this code using cracked DevExpress?!


I purchased one c# code from CodeCanyon and when I tried to start it on Visual studio, I couldn’t because the code not loaded on VS, and gave me another error that the DevExpress license finished and I need to pay 999$ to renew, when I asked the developers and keep ignoring my question and after that, he sent to me the link (www.downloadly.ir) and asked me to download the DevExpress from that link and I told him seems like this website is not trusted for me, he downloaded and uploaded to google drive and sent me a link to download DevExpress, and when I am asking him again and again (more than 5 times) if he can confirm if this version is not cracked of devExpress, simply he does not reply.
and I asked him to refund the money and he rejects that because I clicked download.

what I can do now?


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Thank you so much, I open a new ticket and explained everything with screenshots from our conversations.
I am using Envato to have clean code not to have cracked software from an unknown source.
Thank you again for your reply.