what I can do when someone within the theme support don't want to fix the issue that I face of

I just bought a new theme, working hard to develop it, many hours… I have got some issues and I open a ticket. Here the response that I have: here the link to have a refund that I never ask before

The support just tell me that he does want to fix the issue, it is like to the database

What I should do

You should ask for refund. If author is not responsible then why you will take risk because again in future you can face problem.

You can request a refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


Can you check the conversation that I have with the guy


Claude Côté


Forum is not the right place for this. But you can it directly to Envato by opening a Help ticket . Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.