What has changed in A.J, sales are more difficult ...

months ago A.J was good for my work, today I noticed that for many composers of soundtracks everything is very slow, is anyone observing this in AudioJungle?

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A new generation of authors + new “copypasters”= tons of new tracks))


then, in the A.J the excess of equal bands were the motive prejudicial for all?

It just seems to me that there are authors on AJ who work diligently and with conscience, but there are those who try to “fly up” on the success of others, copying others, themselves, produces hundreds of variations of the same project. Good works are sometimes lost in the mass of clones and don’t get what they deserve. There are more and more authors every day, but those who are ready to work hard, you need to look …


Patience+Patience+Patience+More Music Uploaded+a bit of Luck.