What happens when any author gets high rejections?

There has been rumor from the beginning that If I get high number of rejections envato will kick out my profile.
Is it true? What happens when I get high number of rejections?

Yes, envato are limiting submissions for authros with poor approval rating. https://forums.envato.com/t/submission-limits-for-graphics/

hi no this is not true , u are not “kicked out” , in the worst case, so if u have less than 10% approval, u will be notified a suspension of your upload rights , which is not the same as being banned indeed … they will offer u an opportunity after the determined time to repost , expecting that u can manage to bring your game to the next level in between and offer better quality and more professional items. if u are falling under 35% , the thing will be different, u will be limited and will not be able to upload as much as u would like to , i think that this is 10 pieces for GR … but it depends on the category u belong to or want to post in …