What happens to my account?

What happens to the site? What happens to my account? I’m trying to get into my account and I was thrown several times.
This is already the second day! Perhaps this explains why the second day no sales. Surely there is a problem.

22 hours silence…

You don’t make much sense here. What account are you referring to?

If your question is regarding the Envato account, you’d be better contact Envato support.

There isn’t a whole lot that can be done on the forums aside from suggesting you contact support privately.

Thanks anyway Denoizzed! I wrote Envato on various occasions and I know all their answers ready.
I want to know if someone has the same problems and not seek advice! Also I do not want anyone to accuse me why I write here.

There is still a place to share problems or other things.Problems associated with the condition of the site are not less important than **`"Why my work is hard rejected "`**. Once again thank you!


Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Unfortunately Envato may not always have the best responses (or most helpful or insightful) but usually they are the best place to check first when questions like this arise. All the best either way!