what happens here with review?

what happens, why some haters from mexico reject more than 99% of my work? What is the point of such negligent work, reject 6 jobs per minute?

The speed in which approval/rejection messages are received is never indicative of the amount of time the reviewer spends inspecting items.

For example, a reviewer might open 20+ files in their browser at the same time, download the files, and inspect each item individually, setting the review decision in quick succession.

Also… it might not be the most constructive idea to call members the review team “haters in Mexico”.


I do not have a personal negative attitude against the guys from Mexico, they are just performers. I say this only because before that there was a team from Hungary. And she was more loyal and attentive to me as an author. She took 40-80%, came to the contact giving advice on deviations, made soft reject. Explain to me then what happened with the change of the team, if the quality of my work increased, and moved to a new level and the deviations reached almost 100%? I’m not the only one who complains about non-professional reviewer in this thread. Therefore, I think not a constructive part of Videohive management who committed such a situation, as applies to all authors, who also helped raise the company hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Is this not non-constructive? I do not know who you are, maybe a big boss or one of the team of reviewers. But your hints sound like a threat. I am not going to crush those feelings that every time I have a disrespect for authors who again and again beg to treat them more loyally to acceptance. But they wipe your feet on them all. Regards, author.

Hi @kotlyarn

While I understand that you’re upset about the review process, please keep in mind our comunity guidelines:

We follow a few hard rules. Please DON’T:
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Reject/approve is a total random now. So nothing can be done here…