What happened with reviewer of Envato team?

Recently I have uploaded “Repair Booking Management for WordPress and WooCommerce” plugin and it be rejected in very fast, I don’t know what happened. I uploaded many plugins with the same quality and they actually sold quite a lot, you can check my Portfolio.

Plugin allow admin create and manage categories and issues of service, then customer will can choose category and issue, then submit the form or can booking service by woocommerce, admin can manage order and booking information. And some more features.

I think it is also a solution for wordpress website, however the censor rejected it after 10 minutes
I am very disappointed in this negligent way of doing things.

Things have changed recently. Envato is returning to the old days where you really have to put work into your plugins, this is a good thing!

Yes of course, I develop plugin and make sure it will be helpfull for users, not useless plugin.

I was just saying things are tougher.

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