What happened with Envato Support?

Hey guys! Something wrong with Envato Support. A few months ago when I wrote something to support I got an email where “we got your request, wait for an answer”. Now, I don’t get any emails about it, no lights in the end of the tunnel.
More of that, something happened with captcha. Where is to press a button? Did I miss something?


FYI, looks like you’re using the wrong help website. There is an Author Help Center here where authors should open all of their requests:



Thank you! You’re right)
But captcha is still looks weird.

Can you try a different browser?

win 10 - chrome, firefox, opera and edge - strange captcha
win 7 - chrome - no captcha at all. firefox - strange captcha


Recaptcha is an external service from what I’m aware that can have API issues. @KingDog can you get this to the devs? Maybe something went wrong…

Thank you! And I hope that letters with auto-response will back.

I hope Envato authority will solved this problem soon no worry about it.


At win7 chrome there is still no captcha (maybe it just remember me), but in win10 everything is awesome and auto-respond emails is back! Thanks)