What happened to the quality though?

I used to work in the market, and because of too many questionable rejections and sales declines, I had to take myself somewhere else. My market profile name is “ChrysalisMarket”, used to work in stationery categories. Passed the torch to my friend.

Today, I thought of exploring the market a bit and found these. I really do not mean to disrespect anyone’s work, but I think they could be way more improved. Since the new reviewers came, quality has been somewhat fading away from this market.


Sorry for I said you that your design is not good quality (error typography, colors, logo, etc) this design as 5 minutes.

These are not my designs, these approved ones from other authors in the market.

Quality on the Market has started to drop since Envato put Elements as a priority… traffic has fallen drastically in recent years, authors have no motivation for any more serious work. Elements is also not a measure of quality, I don’t know what the long-term goal is but this is now a much worse Envato than before.