What happened to the Evona - Event & Conference WordPress Theme?

Anyone know what ‘happened’ to the Evona - Event & Conference WordPress Theme? I purchased this theme (twice!) a couple of months ago and now it says “Download not available. Item removed by either staff or the author.”

If I would have know this theme was ‘going away’ I would have picked a different one, obviously. Any feedback? Ideas?

Hi @outlandos,

Sorry to hear your purchased item no longer exist in the market.

may be there are any specific reason to remove the Item. More info here.


Yes @outlandos, you’re right, It’s frustrating because the theme was published on last months of 2022. I had some bad experiences with the people who helped on tech support.

Really it’s a bad business pay for a theme that were erased in a short time, my client guilt me, he don’t understand the situation.