What happened to SW-Themes?!?!

I have multiple websites using the Porto theme and now SW-Themes isn’t even on the Envato Marketplace?? Does anyone have any information about this?

Edit: Added link SEE FOR YOURSELF

I dont understand this things

Thanks for linking to the other thread. This is terrible news for me.

How this is possible ? We buy theme, invest time and money and in one day the author close their account leaving us alone without any update possible ? WTF is that ?

Ever since the last WP update the latest Porto theme update was buggy and plugins failed. Numerous support tickets I’m sure from stressed out webgurus. Waiting game i guess if they fix the bugs with a forced update.

I can see Porto’s all version.

Wow! What a relief! When I went to go download the most recent update for the Porto theme from SW-Themes a few days ago their whole profile was gone. It does look like they’re back up now tho!

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