What happened to salaries?

Hi guys!

I wasn’t here for a couple of months and now I noticed that is different policy of salaries.
ex. Before, I sell logo for 29$ and I get 14.5$ and now from 30$ I get 8.12$.

Can somebody explain me or give me the link where I can read all the new policy about salaries?

@ViktorJan ;

1 - http://inside.envato.com/usa-tax-withdrawal-changes/

2 - Important Changes for Non-US Authors/Affiliates/Service Providers

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Thanks a lot!

All the best!

@ViktorJan You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

hi every thing has changed indeed … not is it for teh best ? lol that’s a different story to get to know that the fact of the matter is that unless u fufill the form u will get a slight dust of the initial price and all will earn more than u do … so u’d better take care of this in the best delay, self pricing can help u also if u manage to adjust the price of your logo properly …

And don’t forget about this one!

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