What happened to Envato Bundles?

A few years ago Envato used to run a mega bundle sale for a week, gathering many items from all its marketplace and selling them in a single package at a very cheap price. It was great, for both authors and buyers, it used to ran for a week and got results like 10.000 sales.
I was just wondering why this campaign suddenly stopped, and if it’s somehow possible to have it back :slight_smile:

We like to mix things up a bit more now :grin: So we do our big Anniversary sale and Cyber Monday etc. We actually run a lot more campaigns now. Will the bundle ever be back? Who knows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it, anyway I am aware that the Cyber Monday and other similar campaigns are good, but the Big Bundle sale Envato used to run on the past few years was very profitable, for both authors and Envato itself :slight_smile:
That’s because if you see that there are 100+ templates for sale at $39, instead of 100+ discounted items sold separately, they get obviously more attracted by the Big Bundle than the single items.

I really hope that bundle will be back, as an addition to the other things you’re running lately. Is it something we may put on votes? :slight_smile: