What Happened To Chrometaphore?

I bought THIS ITEM a long time ago, like years ago. These became the icons that I used for absolutely everything that needed icons as they were my most favourite that I’ve ever come across. Unfortunately I lost the files when switching computers and copying everything over, they for some reason didn’t copy over and by the time I noticed, it was too late. Now the item has been deleted, along with all of their other items. I’ve checked their website, but it only links back to missing items here on GraphicRiver, and I’ve searched all over the internet.

This is probably a massive long shot, but does anyone know why it was all deleted, or if there is anywhere else that I could find this icon pack?

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Did you try to contact the author?

I sent an email to the address on their website, but haven’t heard back. They seem to be very active in UI design for a number of companies, and they use the icons that were in the pack in their current projects. Maybe they decided to keep their work for themselves and their clients rather than selling to the public, which sucks, but is understandable.