What Happened To ChatNet from On-Codes?

Last week Codecanyon gave their list of recommended products and one of them was a script called “ChatNet” from an author named “On-Codes”.

It looked interesting and I will often buy an item just to help support the developers. Turns out, it was a really nice script and the developer was really responsive in answering questions. They gave a really solid roadmap of features they were working on. I was pleasantly surprised by both the script and the author.

However, when I go to check for updates to all my downloads this morning the script is gone with no explanation. I realize that this happens from time to time on Envato, HOWEVER, this was a recommended item just last week (or the wek before) and had recently been updated and the author spoke of impending updates.

Does anyone know what happend to either the script or the author?


The item and the author does not exist in the envato market. may be they have decided not to sale in envato market and closed their profile.

That would be near criminal, would it not?

Within 10 days it goes from being an Envato Featured product displayed on their front page as such to totally disappearing from the market?

No idea how many made their purchase based on this recommendation from Envato but I was one of them. I’ve been a member since August of 2007 and this is really the first complaint I’ve had against Envato, so I am trying to be fair here.

Just seems poor, to me.

If you purchased any of their item most recently then you can get in touch with envato customer support. they can help you and also will be able to tell more why the author disappearing from the market.


Seems like they have decided not to sale their product at Envato market

Anyway it’s always fair and if anyone don’t wish to offer or sale the products at envato market it’s their choice.