What happened my design illustrator

Hi to all:

1 week past I already upload my design illustrator but later 5 days change “Temporarily held for further review”, 8 days yet not come my email if approved or hard rejected.

Please help me thank you so much.



Ou my God. Why are you so panicking, Jery?
It’s weekend right now. Just relax and wait :beach_umbrella: Your item will be reviewed asap


Yes, I am worry for not come my email :frowning: sorry

Temporarily held for further review uaually take some more time to review. please keep patience.
You can check:

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A ask @mgscoder

If more 7 days Temporarily held for further review don’t come my email than do I can make a message for support open?

I would like to wait untill the review email not received.

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Thank you so much.

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hi Jeri, don’t be so much in a hurry , this is better that they have further review rather than reject right from the beginning, they may ask for second thought or something like this ., in addition, at this stage sales are bad and exposure is low, in other words, no need to hurry like crazy … :slight_smile: