what happened here?

this got rejected today!

i cant figure out what is the problem! :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. the title was Adrenaline Sports Rock Opener


maybe…to good for audiojungle ?

Nah maybe too bad ! :smiley:

It seems problem in mixing. Guitars sound a bit muddy and indistinct. Is it vst? if live - try to rewrite with commercial sound.

dont know how to respond to this! these are real guitars ! the same guitars i am writing last 2 years on AJ ! supposed to be muddy ! its a Southern Hard rock track. and mixing problems.? dont think so

ps. Gibson Explorer -> Eleven rack + Rickenbacker -> Eleven Rack + Steven Slate

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Hmm, seems strange that this track would get rejected. Perhaps it was a mistake. I would try contacting support to get a second opinion.


Envato have raised benchmark of quality again. I agree that one can find fault in anything. May be mistake.

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the quality bar should be raised on all those sample/vst guitars that blowing your monitors in my opinion ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have also come rejects, nothing wrong :slight_smile: and I’m writing similar music for over 20 years)
human factor)
Keep it rockin!

Hello Mate and other Authors,
I hear something was not right on the groove of this track. It’s should be a little Swing feel right? Maybe i’m wrong.
But It’s not smooth on my ears.

LongXmusic is right about swing feel, but it’s a matter of taste not musical mistake. Good track, nothing wrong with it. I would follow Aurus advise.

Good track, but as someone said there are some minor problems with mix (minor - comparing to audio jungle average level). Some other reviewers probably could accept this track. But still - guitars heve a lot of low and low middle band (they are muddy), I hear it very clear on headphones in “left and right” side individually (!). Low band should be more mono then stereo. You can try just eq-ing them. Also rhythmic guitars are little too loud.

Other trick is to add another guitar playing riff on the top or playing solo - it could blend mix better and make whole track more “narrative” and dynamic.

IMHO of course :slight_smile: But don’t worry, this track is ok, especially composition!


track ok, mix ok, nothing wrong here…

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Nothing wrong actually, maybe just a reviewer’s bad day? :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know if it will change anything, but maybe you could contact support. Or hope the team will read this post :smile:

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Nothing wrong with this track, maybe just too hard for aj :wink::wink:


The only thing I can think of is that the bass is a bit loose, mostly in the beginning (still ok for rock as far as I’m concerned), but maybe reviewers ears are getting a bit too much used to daws and vst’s robotic precision?

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Nothing wrong with the track … you know, sometimes we wonder and “facepalm” about what was approved for sale, sometimes about what was rejected … thats AJ! :confused:

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Haha , apparently just that, if rejected or what I do not understand ? I also downloaded the tracks is very good at mixing and mastering . but just as you have one answer for everything !!! :smirk:

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thank you all for inputs ! really happy now i see i am not crazy !

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Can’t find a reason to reject this track either.

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