What happened exactly yesterday!?? 🤔

Because whatever I did (if I did something) I’m willing to do it every day!

I woke up with a very big spike in sales! I know is not a bug because customers are writing me and reviewing products.

I have no tools to understand where do they come from, the Analytics in ENvato doesn’t help, I just know they come from 1 product (Real Paint FX)


Maybe you sold multiple licenses, either way great job :slight_smile:

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Well done. Wish you many spikes!

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Wow! Nothing to say :face_with_hand_over_mouth: You are lucky! :+1:
Maybe some big youtuber made a review of your product and left a link in the description? :man_shrugging:
Congrats anyway! :man_dancing: Real Paint FX is really great item :+1:


@FWDesign I checked not the case… good point tho, thanks!!
@DesignSomething yea to you too! :^)
@romlam yea wow was my reaction this morning, great idea I didn’t think about that! But yea I’m of a similar opinion featured in a blog or something.

I wish we had more Tools to understand! Maybe in the future…

What is curious is that I’m not uploading anything here since a while, and I didn’t do anything special recently that’s why I want to know more, I don’t want to brag about this…

Thanks a lot guys for your feedback!

@Giallo This is the reason :slight_smile:


Did you check some of invoices? Did sales come from different customers/regions?

Also you can check analytics of that specific item, mb you can see some referrals, it is really interesting)

Seems like item could get in some sort of promotion or something like that


Wow, congrats @Giallo thats amazing!! :smiley: As @DREAMYARD_Visuals said check your referrals tab under analytics, it will show how much visits your item got from external websites (and also from which websites exactly).

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  1. Setup Google Analytics to understand more. :face_with_monocle:
  2. This is the reason. :sunglasses:
  3. Congrats! :partying_face:

@DesignSomething hahh love it.

@secondfalseiteration I have it but it doesn’t help, maybe because needs time to record data. still normal up to now
@Atamotion @DREAMYARD_Visuals yea thanks guys that helped!

mostly helped a comment about “piximperfect” and apparently this famous youtuber promoted my Plugin. I didn’t know anything about it tho! :laughing:



Congratz, tho:)

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FYI… FX Box - Real Paint - Stopped Working

Thanks! I will check it out…there are so many requests for assistance

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You are going to get crazy with this bro :wink:

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Piximperfect (big youtuber) not only reviewed your product but even showed how effective it is, so your sales spike definitely came from that. I should know, I came for the same reason.

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOYdYZMd1TQ


I was right. But still I can’t understand why the surge in sales occurred on the Market. There is no link to the market. There is a link to the Elements

I bet there will be more income from Elements. Market sales are only ripples from epicenter.

UPD: Also subscription cost more than a single product. $33 or $198 vs $15.


And what about the next day earnings? This topic is dam interesting! I wonder how Elements report will look like.

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It seems that some more hundreds of sales did happen:) If I remembered yesterday sales count correctly

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I have seen one guy is promoting your realFX action, Nice promotion bro! good job… He uploaded video on YouTube on 8th of July and got over 90k views…