What happend to support for the Newsbeat Theme?

REGARDING NEWSBEAT THEME: Hello. We are trying to get information on what happened to the developer of the WordPress Newsbeat theme. We have not had theme or plugin updates in several months. It seems as though support has been abandoned without any notification.

A lot of billable production time has gone into the development of this theme. Since our hosting company has updated the WordPress backend, the theme and plugins are no longer working.

My clients and I need an answer in order to solve this problem. Thanks.

Hi @hotandmobile,

You can ask your this query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. The theme author @wpthms will answer your query.


How long ago did you buy the theme?

It doesn’t look like it’s tested with the latest version of WP.

The author is not responding to all comments but that doesn’t mean that they are not supporting the theme in their dedicated forum Forum: Newsbeat - wpthms.com

Hello and thank you for your reply. We have already posted on wpthms with no reply. There have not been any replies for several months.

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Thank you for your reply. They have not answered any support questions in several months. Some messages seem to suggest the developer may have died from covid.