What guitar amp sim do you use?


Guitar Rig 5 has been my main go to amp sim. I wonder if we will ever see Guitar Rig 6. Bias FX is ok, but I find that it takes way more tweaking in most cases to get a decent sound. The best sim in Bias is the Orange British Rock 50 IMO. I just checked out that link to STL, thanks for the tip @FirstNote! Going to check out the demo now!


Amplitube 4, Ableton’s Pedal.


Fractal AX 8


I like Scuffham Amps S-Gear


I just got this recently for tone shaping my pickups :slight_smile:


Interesting. Does it work?


Well, subjective & subtle, but Its really nice for clean tones, one of my single coils sounds a bit thin, and to give it a bit of thickness this helps in some cases :slight_smile:


I tried GR5 but I don’t like it. It is to much artificial. I better stick to Bias FX and try to create good sound.


GR5 in all my portflio :smiley:


Hey guys. What audio converter do you use to convert WAV to MP3?



I use Switch for audio conversion. Does the job. https://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html


Apparently Overloud’s TH-U is very good, I haven’t used it myself tho


And it just came out in Slate… which I just cancelled… makes me want to boot it up again. Problem is I had to pay $100+ to buy S-Gear since it was removed from the bundle… don’t want to end up in that situation again.

I use a lot of S-Gear on my tracks.

But recently it’s been real amps:

Orange OR15
Fender Princeton '65 Reissue
Deluxe Reverb '65 Reissue

Through a SUHR reactive load -> Channel Strip (LA 610 for my AJ stuff that is up now, but just sold it and got an API Channel Strip :ok_hand: ) -> RME Babyface Pro -> REAPER -> MixIR2 plugin.

Also been playing with the Amplitube 4 custom shop and I’ve gotta say it’s SUPER impressive… might have to buy!


UAD plugins. I tried a lot. There were real mesa boogie, marshall, fender a lot of amplifiers. Replacing them with this is UAD plugins. Everything else showed worse


Mostly real amps: Marshall TSL 100, Vox, Orange etc. But I don’t do much guitar stuff atm, at least not here. I usually use tube amps for saturation (string sections for trailers etc., gently mixed with the original signal) and sound manipulation/sound design.
Sometimes Guitar Rig, but nowadays I keep reaching for the native Logic X guitar sims, which are pretty decent, especially in combination with some outboard gear.


I want to buy apple and uad interface just to try their Friedman amps collection! Really impressed with demos but need to try by my self! Did you tried it?


I did not use it. I use marshall and fender. But UAD really sounds. But do not forget real tube amplifiers about these amplifiers, they still sound better.


Also do not forget about the buyer of your tracks. They don’t care what you wrote it on, the main thing is that the track sounds!


And also my brother and I are engaged in the production of custom pickups. We have done a lot of experiments. The sound depends on the pickups. Even from the wire if you have passive pickups! So do not think much about sound. The main powerful track and that customers appreciate it