What guitar amp sim do you use?

Hi guys.
What guitar amp sim do you use? Or do you use a real amp?

Vox AC15.


Guitar Rig 5


Still worth it! I hope they’ll release 6!

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Do you use only that? Does anyone uses EZMix?
I use Bias FX and want to know if something better exist for AJ.
I can’t get commercial guitar sound in Bias FX.

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I use real preamp Engl E530 and amp head Fender Bassman+ speaker simulator Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. I’m happy with this configuration, but it’s quite expensive. If you don’t have real amps or preamps, you can get really good guitar sound using Guitar Rig and Amplitube (I like Amplitube clean guitar sounds and I record my bass guitar using it as well)


Yep. I do have BIAS FX, but never use it. In fact I’m pretty sure my entire portfolio uses only Guitar Rig 5.


I didn’t like Guitar Rig 5. But maybe I should try it now. I haven’t played it for years.
I wrote three tracks and I will start recording as soon as I will have time and perhaps I should try new guitar amp sim.
I want to have polished guitar sound which I can’t get with Bias FX.

For me Bias is overrated. It’s good, but not so good as they make it. Not every amp in gr5 is good, but Jump amp is great for me. There is a preset that called black malkolm or something like that. It was a starting point for me when i started to use gr5. Bring back overdrive, some eq filters, 1176 compressor and hi shelf and it will sound good.

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Boss Katana 100. Not really an amp sim but since I’ve been using it and committing to a recorded sound I ended up wasting a lot less time tinkering with settings later on. Also has pretty much every effect ever created built in, which also saves a lot of time.

All amp sims have their pros and cons and much is a matter of taste but imo the best of the newer amp sims is STL Tonality from Howard Benson. It sounds killer and very “produced” out-of-the-box. Very slim, very responsive and, unlike BIAS, loads quickly too (VST3).

I can definitely recommend it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfW7ncVDKYg

Guitar Rig 5 has been my main go to amp sim. I wonder if we will ever see Guitar Rig 6. Bias FX is ok, but I find that it takes way more tweaking in most cases to get a decent sound. The best sim in Bias is the Orange British Rock 50 IMO. I just checked out that link to STL, thanks for the tip @FirstNote! Going to check out the demo now!

Amplitube 4, Ableton’s Pedal.

Fractal AX 8

I like Scuffham Amps S-Gear

I just got this recently for tone shaping my pickups :slight_smile:

Interesting. Does it work?

Well, subjective & subtle, but Its really nice for clean tones, one of my single coils sounds a bit thin, and to give it a bit of thickness this helps in some cases :slight_smile:

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I tried GR5 but I don’t like it. It is to much artificial. I better stick to Bias FX and try to create good sound.

GR5 in all my portflio :smiley: